Husband catch wife having sex with lover in kitchen

Kofi Boakye, a farmer, who caught his wife and another man having sex in their kitchen and inflicted cutlass wounds on his ‘rival’, was on Thursday put before the Kade District Magistrate Court.

Boakye pleaded guilty with explanation but following his explanation, the Magistrate, Mr Abdul Majid Iliasu, entered a plea of not guilty for him.

He was granted bail in the sum of GH1,000 with one surety to re-appear on May 05.
Police Inspector D. T. Nartey prosecuting told the court that both the complainant and accused were farmers residing at Akyem Dwenase near Akwatia.

He said because the wife of the accused sold drinks, the complainant frequented the house to drink. About two months ago, the accused had information that the complainant was having an affair with his wife but when confronted the wife denied it.

On April 11, Boakye went to town and on his return to the house, he heard an unusual noise in the kitchen of the house. The prosecutor said Boakye went there only to meet the complainant having sexual intercourse with his wife. Boakye dashed to his room, brought a cutlass and inflicted wounds on Badu. A report was made to the police and Boakye was arrested.

In his explanation, he said, he actually met the complainant having sex with his wife in the kitchen. Boakye said the complainant was on top of his wife on a mat and he therefore collected the dress and footwear of the complainant and the panties of the wife as well as a condom.

But as he moved towards the complainant, he (complainant) pulled a cutlass from under the mat they were having sex on. The complainant then dared Boakye to approach him and as he did so he (complainant) swung the cutlass at Boakye but he (Boakye) managed to collect the cutlass and used it on him instead in anger.


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